My Lasik – the day after the surgery

Yesterday I had my Lasik surgery and everything went very well. I had to listen to the doctor and keep my eyes closed and at rest most of the time. I took a nap for four hours after the surgery. At first, the eyes felt a stinging sensation. It was rather uncomfortable but after I woke up, the sensation was pretty much gone. I had to apply eye drops every hour.

This morning I had my vision checked. Both eyes are at 20/20. They didn’t push any farther. Although when the coordinator left the room, I tried myself. I could also read 20/15 now. The only thing is that now I’m on the computer, I still have astigmatism like symptoms. The doctor said that is normal. It will take a few more weeks before that clears up. At this point, my vision will fluctuate from time to time. That is just the normal recovery process. My vision will continue to improve. I should get my best vision in maybe 6 weeks.

I’m eager to take a walk outside tonight to see how my eyes respond to night lights. That’s something I had trouble with even with glasses. Before the surgery, my eyes were at about 20/400.

11 thoughts on “My Lasik – the day after the surgery

  1. It’s a good thing everything went well.

    How much does it cost?
    I do think I need that kind of operation, though my eyes aren’t that bad.
    Does it work on astigmatism?

  2. It’s around $4500 but the company I work for covers it a bit so I can get $800 reimbursed. Yes it works on astigmatism. My doctor is Ejaz Husain. He’s great! You can find more info on laser eye correction on his website.

  3. I was just talking about Lasik with a friend a few hours ago. Everyone I’ve talked to has no regrets about it so I’m wondering if I should suggest it to my mom. Glasses are becoming a bother to her. ):

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  6. It seems scary but I really hope not. One day, if my eyes ever stabilize, I’d like to get lasik. How did you find the night vision? Did it stay relatively the same or worsen?

  7. Fascinating, I have been thinking of having Lasik eye surgery as well. But haven’t spoken to anyone who has had it done. And wow that is pretty pricey! I’ve seen ads with Lasik MD around town stating that it starts at $450/per eye.

  8. Sometimes I think it would be wonderful to go through an operation to fix my vision so I won’t have to squint it when I read something or carry my eyeglasses wherever I go. But I am terrified of going through Lasik…still reading more about this. You are so brave!

  9. Well,my cousin did lasik at around,last month?Her eyes were vampire red.Oh my gosh.(P.S. Not criticizing people who did lasik before.)

  10. Thanks for mentioning the astigmatism as a symptom. I had LASIK yesterday and I was nervous about blurry vision when using the computer.

    Thanls again!

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