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Hosting Drama

Obviously I am nowhere near as actively on the whole personal web world as I used to be. Most of my sites are shut down. The only somewhat active site is this one. Amazingly I still get so much traffic that makes this site top the resource usage sites on the server.

Today I got the following email from my web host


Your account has been suspended due to consuming high resources on our shared server. I would recommend you to optimize your database and php pages in order to utilize server resources properly to see if it works. If this won’t help, I would highly recommend you to have a vps or dedicated server.

Let me know your comment.

Here’s my dilemma: I want to keep using because well I had it since I met Andy. I do not wish to give up my domain name. But obviously after 10 years, this name gets known and some of my posts get popular. I no longer use it that frequently but I seem to have to pay the price for its popularity. No shared hosting can handle it well any more. I really DO NOT wish to have to spend money on a VPS or dedicated server.

My temporary solution was to optimize my site. I found this wordpress performance enhancement post and followed its suggestions. I turned on WP build-in object cache and installed and activate wp-super-cache plugin. My host agreed to monitor how my site is doing after the tweaks. Fingers crossed.

I spend most of my non-working hours on the pet society game nowadays. It’s a mindless game but trading items make it well addictive.

4 thoughts on “Hosting Drama

  1. I’m surprised your site’s that popular! I mean, it’s a lovely site and all, but like you said, you don’t update much. You should be lame like me 😛

  2. you’re just that popular then LOL 🙂 but I hope you don’t close this site.. I’ve been visinting your sites for years and when dmb was up I was a member there. I know lots of people have left the ‘web scene’ and just disappeared but I would be sad if you shut down too

  3. Dodo, it’s great to see you’ve updated your site, I love the new theme! I hope your hosting problem will get solved, I can’t imagine that you would need a dedicated server (O_o) I hope optimizing WordPress helped out, and otherwise you could try to make a deal with your hosting provider – for instance displaying their banner on your site (^_^)

    By the way I was also addicted to pet Society, I’m trying to cut my playing time down, it’s such a sweet game though.

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