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Windows 7 – middle click to close program

I upgraded my laptop to Windows 7 Ultimate yesterday (Andy bought it as a student for $10). Since I’ve been using Vista for over a year, switching to Windows 7 really wasn’t that big of deal. Switching from XP to Vista was a lot more painful. A few things annoyed me however.

I have always used taskbar shuffle 64 bit. Normally I could middle click on the start bar to close a program. In Windows 7, if you middle click on a program, you open a new instance of it. That’s so dramatically different from what I am used to, very annoying. With taskbar shuffle 64 bit, if you middle click on the preview, it closes the program.

While browsing the forum of taskbar shuffle, I read this thread talking about Windows 7. One of the poster wrote this awesome taskbar tweaker. I may now disable the preview and middle click to close programs.

Version 1.1.1
Download 32 bit version
Download 64 bit version
credits to RaMMicHaeL.

In addition, I hate how the show desktop icon is now all the way to the right.

5 thoughts on “Windows 7 – middle click to close program

    1. I have nothing against it. Just like I did not have anything against Vista. I think my laptop does perform faster with Windows 7.

  1. YES! I have been looking for this for a long time. I have no idea why you’d want to spawn a new window this way.

    It’s worth noting that you have to keep the program open for it to work, unlike some other tweakers.

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