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ePSXe FF IX chocobo air garden issue

I spent a lot of time last night looking for the chocobo air garden on ePSXe emulator playing the final fantasy IX.

The chocobo air garden is the last location for the chocobo hot and cold game and before you get there for the first time, it could be randomly at one of these five locations.
final fantasy ix chocobo air garden locations
While your flying golden chocobo is above the black dot (shadow), if you feed her a dead pepper, she will go soaring in the air and finds the air garden. I wanted to find the air garden so I could fight the game’s toughest optional boss Ozma.

Everything was in place but I could not find the darn black dot at any of the locations. I finally found some information saying in the ePSXE emulator version of the game there is NO BLACK DOT.

So what I did to find the air garden is to park my chocobo outside of Alexandria. If you look at the location at the lower right of the map, it’s at the Alexandria plateau. Basically I just fly my chocobo at the location where the black dot WOULD HAVE BEEN if it showed, feed her a dead pepper. If the air garden is there, she lands in the garden otherwise she drops back down. If you don’t find it the first time, go back inside of Alexandria. Then come out of Alexandria and repeat the same step. Once I tried this route, I found the air garden on my second try. Who would have known?

Fortunately after you have found the chocobo air garden, it will also be marked on the map. Thank god!

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