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AT&T rethink possible…to still use your service

Tried to add a new line with AT&T was almost impossible.

Got the new phone today and trying to activate it was unusually painful.

  • Their online activation gave the error: ACT015: We cannot process your request at this moment due to insufficient data. Please contact Customer Care at 1-800-331-0500.
  • On the phone with the first customer service representative for 20 minutes. The representative insisted he could not activate the phone because we did not agree to their terms and services. We never got the email regarding the terms and services in order to AGREE to it. He didn’t consider a recorded verbal agreement was enough. In addition, we’ve been with AT&T for over 6 years and we figured we probably have agreed to their terms or services some prior time. The representative gave us another 866 number to call.
  • On the phone with the 866 customer service representative for over 40 minutes. 39 minutes of the 40 on hold. She repeated she was working with their account management to activate the new line. Finally she hang up on us.
  • Tried the online activate again and got the same error.
  • Tried to forget about it for three hours.

  • Just tried the new phone again, the SIM card registration error magically went away.

2 thoughts on “AT&T rethink possible…to still use your service

  1. hey, so, a bunch of your old posts just showed up in my RSS feed 😛 if you have problems with att in the future, let me know. employees have a special customer service line they can call.

    1. Lissy, you work for AT&T now? Wow I’ve got connections now. HAHA

      Yeah, I manually ported over posts from my tumblr account to here since I’ve decided to use 🙂

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