geeky · wp hacks lightbox/thickbox trick

Last I tried, this trick no longer works as of 9/16/2012. Not sure when it stopped working.

Click for an example.

  1. In your theme widget, add the socialvibe widget to your sidebar.
  2. Add the class “thickbox” in any of your links to an image. e.g.
    <a href="" class="thickbox">your link or image src</a>
  3. To use the gallery feature, use the same rel attribute for multiple image links. e.g.
    <a href="image1.jpg" class="thickbox" rel="gallery">image1</a> | <a href="image2.jpg" class="thickbox" rel="gallery">image2</a> 

    To see it in action, visit my layouts page.

Credits: sensicology, thickbox.

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