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Eclipse 3.6 Auto Static Import

After I started using JUnit 4, I really want Eclipse to automatically import org.junit.Assert.* statically for me. So when I do ctrl+space on methods like assertTrue, it will do:

import static org.junit.Assert.*;

for me.

I’ve figured it out for a while but I’ve been noticing it conflicting with my save action -> organize imports setting.

I finally got fed up and decided to investigate a bit further today.

Below are screenshots of Eclipse version 3.6.

  • Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Content Assit -> Favorites all of the paths you wish to import statically e.g. org.junit.Assert.*
  • Then if you have Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Save Actions -> Organize imports selected

    Make sure you update Preferences -> Java -> Code Style -> Orangize Imports to have Number of static imports needed for .* (e.g. ‘java.lang.Math.*) to 1.

    This way when you save your java files in Eclipse, it will not change your org.junit.Assert.* import to org.junit.Assert.assertTrue import. Otherwise it will require you to import again if you wish to use another method like assertFalse which in my opinion is annoying.

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