Focusing on my depression – my initial progress

I can’t ask for a better time and better support to seriously focus on my depression.

In my initial progress, I’m able to so far work on the followings:

  • Swim for at least an hour Monday,  Wednesday and Friday
  • Go to yoga classes on Tuesday and Thursday
  • Volunteer at my friend’s elementary school for two hours on Thursday
  • Every day work on a healthy and tasty dinner for my husband and I
  • Every day spend some time practicing mindfulness (I find it easy to focus on my breath when I swim. I’ve also started to practice mindfulness when I try to sleep but so far I’m still battling.)
  • Every day take all of my supplements.
  • Every day spend some time relaxing.  But try not to be addicted to watching Chinese soap opera.
  • Every day accept the amount and quality of sleep I get and not get pissed off about my sleep.
  • Every day spend time reading the self help books I’m reading and think about self actualization and how to get in touch with my consciousness/Being/self.
  • Stay in touch with my support system (friends I met in the hospital who also fight depression)
  • Tell all recruiters I won’t be available for work until after May.

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