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Had a great first week at Meredith

I started this week as a frontend developer for the team at Meredith. It’s been a very fun week.

  • The people are super nice and I got my local workspace & server set up in 2 days to which the local considered a new record.
  • I got my computer & keyboard elevated so I can now stand and type but of course if I want to sit, I have a high chair to sit on.
  • My cube is a lot bigger than my old one so I will need some time to fully decorate it. It’s big enough for me to lay down a yoga mat so I will be doing that LOL.
  • With my high chair, I can see the windows along the hallway so it’s like having a window view.
  • Here’s what I’d see from my window minus the nasty weather!!
  • Tried out the cafeteria and it’s convenient.
  • Already went to the yoga class at their fitness center and love the instructor. I will definitely be going to the yoga classes frequently.
  • Played with swipejs and codrops slide menu to design a small project prototype the mobile first way. Here’s what I got so far.

Overall, a great start! I’m happy ^__^

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