About Domain

How did it start?

Pure-essence.net was born on October 23, 2000. Three occurrences inspired me to start this domain.

First, my old personal site (Dodo’s New World) could no longer reflect my rapidly changing personality. It was too childish. Most of the time I wanted something more than hellokitty and anime 🙂 So I opened a new realm online and picked the words pure essence to describe the virtual I hold for life. I treasure purity and think if everyone can have more of it, the world would be a more beautiful place. Since I find this purity born within me, it’s an essence for me. Despite of all the fightings within the family I had to endure as a child, I am true to my virtues and now live a confident and proud life.

Andy, my boyfriend then and husband now, is the second reason for the birth of pure-essence.net. After a quite extensive love turmoil, I finally found a safe and comfortable haven I can hide in whenever I need. His love is my blessing. It’s incredible how comfortable and natural we feel when we are together. When love becomes a strong force that dominates your heart and soul, you know you are the happiest person and you build the most beautiful story in the world.

Last but not least, I was also inspired by the personal page on uniquity.org. Excellent design always inspires me to create outstanding layout that reflects something new about me. This is a great example.

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Behind the Scene

15 thoughts on “About Domain

  1. I’m looking for a free webhost, cos im setting up a new wordpress blog… any suggestions? My previous host, antukin.org is gone 😦

  2. Hi. I found your website through a WordPress theme page. I built a tiny blog site back in 2000 and remember visiting a site called “pure essence” through Cafelog web site, which was an official website for blog software b-2. As you may know b-2 evolved into WordPress. Were you using b-2 back then?

  3. wow! I feel like meeting an old friend! Of all the web sites I visited from the Cafelog site, somehow I remembered your website’s name. It’s so cool to hear that you’ve met Michael.

  4. I feel we have the same temperament. I have setup a blog site which will be my haven for unexpressed thoughts, there might be times I’ll be blogging sad feelings about the people I love. And sometimes about my web hobby and about work. Would it be wise if I hide under an online nickname? My content will be mixed, there are times i’d like people to know that I wrote them, and there are times I’d that I dont because I just want to be heard and doesnt want to be recognized. Need your advise. Thanks!

  5. In your case, are most of your reader aware of your real identity. Would you advise me to have to separate blog sites? One wherein I could express my most personal thoughts while the other is for letting friends and love ones share my life and passions.

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