A Cheery Note

I got this card from Andy because I was very depressed one day because of school. When Andy called me at work, I sounded horrible and expressed my irritation to the oncoming rhetoric assignment. So I got with this card along with a special coupon inside.

A Cheery Note

Here’s the poem he wrote:
I’m sorry you’re feeling under the
Hopefully my card will help you
feel better
For in the passages of this
rhyming letter
I wish to express my joy of
being together
Whatever if stressing you won’t
last forever
Unlike my love which will always
treat you tender
Just feel the strength of my heart
and your problems will

On the special coupon:
Redeem tonight to have Andy take you out after work to do anything you want to get your mind at ease!!! (PLUS ADDITIONAL VALUE INSIDE!)
I LOVE YOU & Andy will do your rhetoric homework! He needs practice since he registered for college today! Kiss, kiss, hug.

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