To My Love Andy

This is my Christmas card for Andy. On the card I wrote:

To My Love Andy

My Sweetest Andy:
I tried to write you a long letter to show how much you mean to me, but found myself crying until tears covered up my vision. I could never seem to finish that letter. Because there is just so much that words can’t say.

Thank you for surrounding me with love, hope and happiness. I love you so much and I feel very lucky to spend this Christmas with you!

your little kitty
And here’s my unfinished letter:
My Sweetest Andy:

I’ve often wondered that is it that the world wants to show me by having arranged you into my life. Awakening perhaps, you’ve proven your true values to everyone around me. You’ve surrounded me with love, hop eand happiness. You’ve brought me mthe most touching poems. You’ve cared for me in the most courteous way. And yet you said that was not all, you told me it’s the time for my wish of foreverness to come true. Never in my life have I been so overwhelmed with joy and astonishment. Can this be true? Please forgive me if I still look bewildered or confused. This is because you are too perfect; I believe I was only dreaming.

It’s more than words can say. My tears are rolling down my face while I’m writing this. Boys used to make me cry through their words. You didn’t only make me cry through your words but your actions as well. You could in the heaviest rain, get me ibuprofen to relieve my pain; you could in the darkest night tell me about constellation; you would in the purest morning give em a lovely smile and a tender kiss; you would in my worest day bring roses to cheer me up. You said every second you spend with me is the most important second in your life. I say, your name, your voice and your face is in every breath, every heartbeat and every blink of mine. How can I afford to be part from you? A night wihtout you, I can only stare at the ceiling figuring at how many more hours would there be until I can see you…(letter ceased right here)

One thought on “To My Love Andy

  1. Wow, this is such a sweet poem =) I wish I could write one half as heartfelt for the one I love as well… this letter is beautiful, and I believe you have a real talent for showing others just how you feel. May God bless you both :heart:

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