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log4j properties loading problem + put ivy jar on classpath in ant

I learned a few new tricks recently that I thought are pretty cool. If you use apache log4j, you can get very frustrated sometimes that it does not log based on what you defined in your file. This is because if your java web application contains other jars that also have, the log4j… Continue reading log4j properties loading problem + put ivy jar on classpath in ant

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Javascript Error: submit is not a function

Just my luck and I ran into the dreaded submit is not a function javascript error. Here’s the scenario. While coding javascript along, you get a form via id or name on your html page and calls the submit() function on it. You think it should just behave as expected (submits the form) instead nothing… Continue reading Javascript Error: submit is not a function

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IE input background image issue

IE strikes AGAIN! Just when I thought I was 100% done with the revamp of New Millennium, I noticed an UI issue in IE. I’m surprised I didn’t notice this before. It shouldn’t be anything new. I did some google research but didn’t find anyone mentioning it either. Applying background image to input tags should… Continue reading IE input background image issue

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jQuery and Tamper data rock

I’ve been working on a UI design at work and some of the build in components have border=”1″ on their generated table code. To achieve a consistent look, I always want border=”0″ on the table so I can control the table border with CSS. There is no way as far as I know you can… Continue reading jQuery and Tamper data rock