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Dodo's Text Counter

I needed a text counter at work. I searched around trying to find a jQuery plugin that fits the bill but I didn’t find anything. So I wrote one myself. Check it out 🙂 It should be pretty flexible.

  • Requires jQuery
  • Define the maximum of characters the user may input
  • May be applied to one or more input text or textarea fields
  • Also disable the user from entering more characters after s/he reaches the maximum

Live demo + Documentation + Download

One thought on “Dodo's Text Counter

  1. I love the text counter. I’ve written one before, but it wasn’t half as cool as this one. Thanks for putting it out there. Is there any sort of licensing with regards to dodo’s text counter? Would mind granting me permission to use it in a commercial product for one of my clients? Thanks again. 😀

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