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Women and Science

“Did you know if you push the button on one of the barbie dolls, she will say ‘Math is hard! Let’s go shopping!’ That’s why we don’t have many women in the field of computer science.” – Ted Neward said at the nofluff open discussion and the crowd bursted into laughter. I looked around and… Continue reading Women and Science

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jQuery mobile 1.2 alpha release popup to work within a page

Holy crap, I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to get the new jQuery mobile popup to work within a jQuery mobile page. The documentation just shows the sample code outside of a page. Outside of a page it works just fine. But as soon… Continue reading jQuery mobile 1.2 alpha release popup to work within a page

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jQuery ON (syntax difference from live)

Since jQuery live is marked as deprecated. I thought it’d be a good thing to switch to use jQuery on. I was at first shocked to find out that “ON” did not work like “LIVE”. Without digging very far, I simply switched my old syntax that had to It worked for non dynamically generated DOM… Continue reading jQuery ON (syntax difference from live)

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Jackson Ignore Property/Convenience Method

Here’s something I learned about Jackson and you may run into it. What gets serialized by default? Properties of an object are initially determined by process called auto-detection: all member methods and fields are checked to find: “Getter” methods: all no-argument public member methods which return a value, and conform to naming convention of “getXxx”… Continue reading Jackson Ignore Property/Convenience Method

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CSS Positions

A coworker asked me about CSS positions. I admit I’m no expert in this topic. However, I want to illustrate my brief understanding. Maybe you will find them helpful. Position: static Default, you don’t have to set it. Position: relative It’s like a ghost image. Setting the corresponding properties of top, left, right, or bottom… Continue reading CSS Positions

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Daily wtf Watson story: Active Directory

A coworker of my husband’s, let’s call him Watson, has some interesting ways of dealing with situations. As a system administrator, he has unique powers. Two days ago my husband received a support ticket regarding a temporary employee unable to log into her machine. My husband updated her password and verified and he could log… Continue reading Daily wtf Watson story: Active Directory

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jQuery read only elements

There is a business requirement on a project I have at work to only allow a certain number of properties editable at a certain stage of the domain object’s life cycle. And like always, the properties defined to be editable could change in the future. I already have a page that allows the user to… Continue reading jQuery read only elements