WordPress 3.6 Beta Released The WordPress 3.6 Beta has been released, and users with a self-hosted WordPress installation can easily upgrade to it with the Beta Tester plugin. This is the first beta release, so it’s not recommended for live sites, but plugin/theme developers and anyone with a keen eye for bugs are encouraged to try it out now.… Continue reading WordPress 3.6 Beta Released

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CSS3 – add arrows to boxes

To add arrows for any boxes in CSS3 is relatively easy. You may use the border, absolute position along with the :before pseudo selector to add arrows in any directions. To make a triangle with CSS border: More on CSS3 shapes To position the arrow, make sure the box container is positioned relative so the… Continue reading CSS3 – add arrows to boxes

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TinyNav – browser resize friendly

I use the TinyNav jQuery plugin to transfer a list menu into a dropdown for mobile devices. I notice when I resize my browser on my desktop, the TinyNav leaves kind of a nasty look. For example, after I resized my browser into mobile size like 450px wide, I have to refresh the page for… Continue reading TinyNav – browser resize friendly

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Playing with CSS3 border-image

I spent some time to understand how border-image works in CSS3. It does take a bit of visualization to wrap your head around it. On top of that, they really look different in different browsers depend on the browsers’ rendering engine. This is the best tutorial I found on this topic. I came up with… Continue reading Playing with CSS3 border-image

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phpbb smiley pak – dotty white

Created by this wonderful artist I made the set into a phpbb smiley pak you may install via your admin screen. DOWNLOAD To install: Unzip the file and upload all contents to your {phpbb root dir}/images/smilies folder. Visit your admin -> Posting tab -> Smilies -> Install smilies package (I recommend your delete all your… Continue reading phpbb smiley pak – dotty white

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Jackson default conversion behavior (java json library spring uses)

So I complain. I think it could be done better but I didn’t do any research as why this is the default behavior of Jackson so you can educate me the whole reason behind this design. Since Jackson is the json library SpringMVC has picked, I’m using it. By default, Jackson will convert any public… Continue reading Jackson default conversion behavior (java json library spring uses)