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年初当我忧郁症很糟时我和心理医生谈到我童年和成长的一切不幸. 他说每个人或多或少都在为童年疗伤. 童年是我们最需要呵护和爱的时候. 但许多人的童年恰恰是最无助最受伤害的时候. 这种伤害对不同的人照成很不同的影响. 有些人选择自暴自弃放弃前途. 有些人变得过分内向,很难沟通. 而有些对他来说几乎是奇迹现象会很成功很正常,几乎无法想像会有不幸的童年. 他很赞美我的表现,认为我是属于奇迹的一类.但我不知道这种赞美我是否可以接受. 无论表面上多么的成功正常,内心深处的痛楚与针扎不是可以完全抹去的.时间可以帮助淡忘但无法消除. 有些话题还是无法碰触. 从某个角度上来讲,我们是很孤独的. 没有许多人愿意倾听伤心往事.就算愿意,真正了解理解的又有几个? 因为得不到知音,我们就深藏一些很重要的情感. 在失眠的夜里,日记里涂写着. 所以我在这里写着. 因为有些童年和成长的点滴还是会在我脑海里浮现,提醒着我我人生中很难弥补的缺陷和让我深夜难眠的不安.


The worst flying experience in my life so far: United Airlines

When we got to Denver international airport last night to return to Iowa, we found our flight was delayed from 8:50pm to 10:50pm. First of all, when there is no weather problems, you just don’t expect flights to be delayed. As disappointing as it was at first, we viewed it as somewhat a norm. When… Continue reading The worst flying experience in my life so far: United Airlines

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幸福是什么?其实幸福没有绝对的答案,关键在于你的生活态度。善于抓住幸福的人才懂得什么是幸福。一直以为感受幸福是件很困难的事,那是一种灯火阑珊处的境界。经过岁月的流年以后,才明白,幸福其实很简单,只要心灵有所满足、有所慰藉就是幸福。 幸福就是一种满足感。 健康的活着就是一种莫大的幸福!! 幸福无处不在 只要用心细细体会 你就能感觉到。

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Daily wtf Watson story: Active Directory

A coworker of my husband’s, let’s call him Watson, has some interesting ways of dealing with situations. As a system administrator, he has unique powers. Two days ago my husband received a support ticket regarding a temporary employee unable to log into her machine. My husband updated her password and verified and he could log… Continue reading Daily wtf Watson story: Active Directory

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My father’s Gui Lin experience

Gui Lin (Chinese: 桂林; pinyin: Guìlín;) is a prefecture-level city in China, situated in the northeast of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on the west bank of the Li River. Its name means “forest of Sweet Osmanthus”, owing to the large number of fragrant Sweet Osmanthus trees located in the city. The city has long… Continue reading My father’s Gui Lin experience

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Grails: I will not use you

After the cijug presentation on Grails, I’ve decided I will not use it. I know Grails is hot and cool but I don’t like it. It’s probably just a personal preference. Why don’t I want to use Grails It’s built on spring and hibernate, so why not just use them directly? It’s just adding another… Continue reading Grails: I will not use you

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jQuery UI even though you disappointed me, I still figured you out

So I upgraded to jQuery UI version 1.8.2 at work and thought that I should instead of using the autocomplete plugin which is deprecated, switch over to use the jQuery UI build-in autocomplete widget. jQuery UI autocomplete widget is NOTHING like the original jQuery autocomplete plugin!!! At least by jQuery UI version 1.8.2 it’s not.… Continue reading jQuery UI even though you disappointed me, I still figured you out