A man dashes into the local porno store and says to the clerk, hey I only have $10, but I really need to get off!

The clerk takes the $10 and says: “go to the blue door”

The man goes in, and the only thing he sees is a chicken. At first he hesitates, but being so horny he just screws the chicken like crazy.

The next week he comes back. Being so embarassed he wears a hat and sunglasses to mask his appearance.

He goes to the clerk and says: “hey, I’ve only got $5, what can I do?”

The clerk tells him to go to the red door. Inside there are a bunch of people sitting in chairs watching a man screw a sheep.

The man sneers in disgust and says: “this is really nasty!”

Another viewer turns around and says: “You think this is bad, you should have seen the guy last week screwing a chicken!”

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