Almost an Official Woman

I work overnight at the front desk of a large hotel that is world wide. Frequently I get guests that are rude, disrespectful, and way out of line. This summer during our busiest season I had a guest come to the front desk requesting that we make him a new key card as his roommate had his. I informed him of our policy to not give out keys to rooms unless we have official ID. He proceeded to tell me that he did not have ID on him so as I made him his key I told him that I would walk him to his room and once there he could show me the ID. Now what this guest did not know is that I am a lesbian. A very feminine lesbian, but a lesbian none the less. Keep this in mind. So we walk to his room where I keep the conversation polite. Once I opened the door he moved inside and asked me to come into the room. In our hotel it is policy to not go into a guests room and I informed him of this. Then as the guest proceeds to pull his ID out of his wallet he told me that I should tell my supervisor that I had something to do and come back to his room and have sex with him. So I quipped that as much as I would like to do that that there is something that he should know.

I proceeded to tell him that I was only one operation away from becoming an official woman. The look on his face was priceless. He told me “nevermind” and closed the door behind him. The following morning I needed to take a few guests and a flight crew that was staying at the hotel to the airport. Low and behold the guest from the previous night was there to get a ride to the airport. He couldn’t look me in the face and didn’t say a single word the entire 10 minute trip.

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