Did have Twenties

I ran into the gas station on the way to work this morning.(around 7:30 am) There were two guys ahead of me. The first guy had gas and other things…his total was about 60 bucks or so, and he paid with a hundred dollar bill. No problem.

Second guy has nothing in his hands, and I assumed that he had gasoline. Nope, he picked up a pack of gum. Total: 55 cents. Moron pays with a hundred. At this point, I am just feeling for the poor guy behind the counter….and then the manager whips out a bundle of ones, and starts counting. It was all I could do not to laugh. The customer started bitching, the manager gave him a look and said, “Sir, is there a problem?”

SC: You gave that guy twenties. I want twenties.

Mgr: Sir, these bills are legal United States currency. They can be spent anywhere at any time. Now, would you like for me to cancel your transaction, or would you still like to purchase your Wrigley’s?

SC: *mumbles, takes $99.45 in singles and storms out*

Me: Dude, that was awesome!!

Mgr: *opens drawer to give me my change* Whoops….lookie here, I did have twenties!!

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