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jQuery ON (syntax difference from live)

Since jQuery live is marked as deprecated. I thought it’d be a good thing to switch to use jQuery on. I was at first shocked to find out that “ON” did not work like “LIVE”. Without digging very far, I simply switched my old syntax that had to It worked for non dynamically generated DOM… Continue reading jQuery ON (syntax difference from live)

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jQuery read only elements

There is a business requirement on a project I have at work to only allow a certain number of properties editable at a certain stage of the domain object’s life cycle. And like always, the properties defined to be editable could change in the future. I already have a page that allows the user to… Continue reading jQuery read only elements


jQuery.each vs Javascript for loop

Being a big jQuery fan, I use jQuery.each method a lot in my Javascript code. Until recently I didn’t think too hard what jQuery.each really is. Its description says it’s an iterator but it certainly is NOT a true iterator. For example: Let me know what you expect the code below to return. Before I… Continue reading jQuery.each vs Javascript for loop

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QUnit – test your javascript

After over ten years of javascript programming, I’m finally seriously considering writing at least unit tests for my javascript. Since I’m such a big fan of jQuery, QUnit seems like the obvious choice. It’s sad but better late than never. The truth is, in my opinion, the fact that javascript test frameworks do not yet… Continue reading QUnit – test your javascript

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jQuery UI even though you disappointed me, I still figured you out

So I upgraded to jQuery UI version 1.8.2 at work and thought that I should instead of using the autocomplete plugin which is deprecated, switch over to use the jQuery UI build-in autocomplete widget. jQuery UI autocomplete widget is NOTHING like the original jQuery autocomplete plugin!!! At least by jQuery UI version 1.8.2 it’s not.… Continue reading jQuery UI even though you disappointed me, I still figured you out

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Use modal windows for delete confirmations please

While reviewing an existing project at work, I notice it has many delete confirmation pages. In my opinion, delete confirmation PAGES should really just retire from the face of the earth. Seriously, why do we need to create a http request & html for the mere purpose of asking “Are you sure you wish to… Continue reading Use modal windows for delete confirmations please

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writing an ajax app for Sequence

Yesterday I attended Ted Neward‘s game design session at nofluff. It inspired me to begin to implement the game sequence in an ajax app. It will be a private app since I only plan to play it with some friends. But it will be hosted somewhere on my website so it can be accessed from… Continue reading writing an ajax app for Sequence


jQueryUI dialog as loading screen (replace blockUI)

I like being able to manually control my loading screen with my ajax calls. Previously I was using the blockUI jQuery plugin. It’s a great plugin. You may turn an overlay on your entire screen or just a layer on or off by simply calling and Since at work they are hosting the jQueryUI package,… Continue reading jQueryUI dialog as loading screen (replace blockUI)