jQuery selection copy

Here’s a jQuery scenario I encountered today at work. I found the solution interesting. I have 2 identical selection dropdowns. When I select from the first one I want to copy the selection value into the second. However, I also have a change event attached to the second selection dropdown. In order to make sure… Continue reading jQuery selection copy

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Creative overlay/popup with jQuery

While doing a presentation on jQuery at work today, I went over a particular example I put together earlier today. I thought I’d share it with you here. In the past, we have used popups for editing values inside of a input box. The most well known example I can think of is smilies on… Continue reading Creative overlay/popup with jQuery

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jQuery and Tamper data rock

I’ve been working on a UI design at work and some of the build in components have border=”1″ on their generated table code. To achieve a consistent look, I always want border=”0″ on the table so I can control the table border with CSS. There is no way as far as I know you can… Continue reading jQuery and Tamper data rock