going to frisbee golf, i finally remembered to email paul about the discreet structure book.. maybe i will get a good deal online.. i updated all the broken emoticons on my board by using MySQL syntax.. thanks to daynah for the tip on the syntax =) I didn’t know i am a mod on daynah’s board now i feel pressured to go there once a day.. just kidding.. i added her board to my link bookmark on my browser, now her board is a matter of click away 😉 isn’t that sweet? i’m gonna back up all the database for my board using the way daynah told me.. til andy got home from work to try out my curry beef 😉

arrr.. ice cream truck is around again.. they can always make that song stuck in my head somehow.. i never went to the truck to buy ice cream before tho.. maybe i will try sometime..

oh yeah, i just added the flying joke.

One thought on “going

  1. *giggle* sis, don’t be pressured. 🙂 My board is fine.. just visit every week lol

    Besides… I need more of your jokes lol.. the flying one was funny…. some smart kid haha

    Alright.. I’ll try to do the backups every week for ya. 🙂 Don’t worry too much about it hehe..

    Take care sis, I’ll talk to u later… actually… i’m talking to u right now. 😉

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