today’s windy and somewhat cloudy, altho sun is still around. andy and i went play pingpong this morning. he got me a very good and cheap paddle from this second hand sports store called “play it again”.. the paddle i got is actually brand new. it worked so well for me. we played for at least two hours. it was great fun. altho i was quite exhausted by the end, i still enjoyed the whipping around with my paddle. andy also got me a badminton paddle for seven bucks. it’s brand new as well. unfortunately all other badminton paddles they had was not good enough, we’d have to wait til next time to get andy one. then i can enjoy badminton again. miss that game so much.

i put up my first hack for b2. it’s a small but rather handy one. i finished the layout planning for dnw last nite. i’m gonna trying to get it up soon.. oh yeah, i’m downloading microsoft office 2000 from morpheous.. oh i only have about 1300 mins left LOL.. the one person i was downloading from before gave me a much better speed than the one right now.. i only got 1.2kb/sec.. but oh well, i don’t really care how long it will take, as long as it works after it’s done. i’m not putting all my hope on it tho. after all what can you expect getting free stuff =P

going back to work on the layout for dnw now.

btw, thanks to stacey, donaville, Meko, carly and many others who signed my guestbook. glad to hear from you all πŸ˜‰ hugs!

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