coco lee

i really like coco lee’s songs on the album “Just No Other Way”.. altho she didn’t write them. they are still very pretty songs. i’ve been downloading “I will be your friend”, “Can’t get over”, “Before I fall in love” on morpheous. I think maybe her downfall for her career in US is that she doesn’t write songs. after all she isn’t a music major. only a “part time” singer.. just got lucky in east asian due to her appearance and style.. since not very many famous singers in east asian write their own songs.. she just fitted in.. but in US, it’s more hardcore 😛 Andy really hates her LOL.. he thinks she’s such a tramp oops.. that’s too bad. i just like her songs tho.. like i said.. i always go for the songs =) and admire the composers of the song.. rarely do i admire the singer 100%.. i give a lot credits to the composers.. but a-mei is a different case haha.. she’s just better LOL..

school starts tomorrow.. i really can’t believe it.. i’ve only got couple hours left..arrr… now it finally seems more and more like reality to me.. no!! don’t wanna go.. i only had 5.5 hours of sleep last nite.. maybe i was having pre-school syndrome.. now i had to sleep since i will have to be there by 10 tomorrow morning.. hopefully the first day wont be too bad.. nite nite everyone!

8 thoughts on “coco lee

  1. i think that her songs are amazing…i think she’s very pretty and that she is nice because in COCO LEE’s interviews, she admitted that she is just a copy cat…coz she used to copy her sisters when they sing…i think dats really sweet…she’s humble…and…she’s got the voice…i think her voice in songs “BEFORE I FALL IN LOVE” and “A LOVE BEFORE TIME” is amazing…everytime i hear it..i really love it….

  2. hehe.. I had those songs for about 3 years now… lol I love her! She may not dress too nice all the time… but I love her songs… try downloading “Whever You Go” I *love* that one.. I have a few more faves.. but I can’t think of any now.. hehe I’ll tell you later though. =)

  3. Oo.. maybe I should try out some of her music. I’ve never actually heard of her music yet. But since you guys say it’s good, I think I’ll try it out~! =D

  4. I love CoCo Lee too! Her voice is beautiful and I think she’s gorgeous too! Anyway… My favorite english song is “All Tied Up In You” and my favorite Chinese song is “Waiting For Love” The song is soo beautiful! (*swooning) hehe… =D

  5. The very first time I heard Coco Lee was on the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack…good voice. Anyway, I hope you have a good day at school tomorrow. 🙂

  6. jus found a coco lee cd in my old collection from when i visited taiwan when i was younger. problem is, i can’t really read chinese at all haha. and i’ve been looking online, trying to find the album name and track names for this album, and i can’t find anything! the cover is yellow with coco standing in a tummy-baring tank, and she’s playing with a green/blue necklace?? 18 tracks, with some english ones : when you tell me that you love me (featuring julio iglesias); Before I Fall In Love. please help!!! :yell:

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