school n work

first day back to school

only went to the first class.. i figure i really shouldn’t have eaten breakfast since now when i have to eat (buffet like) i dont feel hungry at all. i guess i don’t usu. eat much when i’m home alone in the morning during the summer.

so far everything seems normal. i was very happy to find out that i will still have access to the lab during the restricted hours as a lab monitor.. woohoo.. get to surf during work LOL

i will attend an interview for a webmaster job tomorrow at this Hydraulics Laboratory. that guy is really nice, he told me to call the secretary once i got to the building and he will come and get me LOL

awww.. more people signed our anniversary page, lauryn even blogged about it.. how sweet of everyone!

also, andy’s email:

Hey poo, APC was fine. As I guessed we had a quiz. *snore* Then we started talking about non linear function. He let class out so that I could write you before Psychology. =) Did you realize that the email you sent last week about mike you said that you saw him at “toba” bell. I about died laughing. I don’t know how the heck you misspelled taco with toba but it was cute. Something more for me to chide you with when I see you again! I can check my email after 12:10 so you can write me if you really really want to!! I am recoiling from the oatmeal. Feels like I have thirty pounds of food moving through my intestines. I feel sorry for whoever will use the restroom after me, he he he. Ok, time to go now. I love you!

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