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haven’t gotten a chance to blog

eeek.. school server has been down these two days so i couldn’t reach regretless at school.. it felt like taking my hands away from me, i felt so uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do. fortunately i didn’t have to work today so i came home earlier.

yesterday was horrible, my creative writing teacher didn’t show up for the first day of class. i just got his message on the answer message saying how the schedule he has is different from ours that was why. oh well. i still have to turn in one short story next tuesday tho.. guess i will cheat by just using “the color of heaven” hehehehe =P

about that girl, i don’t mind any more. no need to waste more emotions on that kinda silly thing. i did buy both and yesterday tho. i’m pretty happy with what i did. when i have more money i will get a hosting company for so it may become a community for hosting =) would that be sweet? =)

anywayz.. i’ve decided to calm down and working on my homework today and try to catch up other things online that i wasn’t able to catch yesterday.

One thought on “haven’t gotten a chance to blog

  1. Oh wow! You bought both? hehe.. That’d be so kool.. you can have all your hostees on one domain, and lots of other things on the other… hehe… or mirror sites! lol

    Ahh.. no internet.. that’s harsh.. lol

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