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new photos are up

yeah, i finally found time to upload all those photos we took four days ago..

are we cute together?

dodo and andy
note, i’m not THAT much shorter than him.. it’s just because the places we stood.. oh well

anywayz, you can find out more here.

do you have pictures to share?? daynah show me her 2 year anniversary photos.. daynah’s cute girl parrot girl hehehe.. she also showed me how to do web photo gallery using photoshop. i just didn’t like the fact that the thumbnails are in such low quality. but it’s very handy. for those who have photoshop, open it up and check out “file” -> “automate” -> “web photo gallery”.. very wonderful function for those who own digital cameras or love to take photos.

7 thoughts on “new photos are up

  1. Aww…. what a cute photo!! Thanks for blogging about my album.. I think I just uploaded all the pix.. took a while.. lol I love the photo gallery option in ps!! I haven’t used it as much as I like.. But I think I will though. =) Take care sis, I’m gonna work on some web stuff… sisters, gosh we’re so alike.. hahaha

  2. Vera, I think me and al are like that too…. I’m so short compared to him. =) Yup yup, just up to his shoulders hehe (unless i wear heels.. hmmm hehe)

  3. Hey dodo! You and Andy look so cute in the picture… *runs around screaming “Awwwww!”* I need to get myself a digital camera… I never got to tell you how much I liked this layout of pure-essence… Beautiful.

  4. Aww.. you guys look so cute!! *Sniffle* You guys look so cute together. You guys are so good looking. ^.^/! You guys are so photogenic! Ack.. I’m not. ^^;; no where near that, lol.

    Whoa, I didn’t know that girl who bought was trying o piss you off. Ack, I’m sorry dodo. She said that her sister did it.. that was really mean… eugh, I hate people like that. I thought she got the domain by accident.. now I know. =( I’m sorry dodo. I’ll go complain now. ^^;

  5. aww Bunnywunny, don’t feel too bad. Dodo understands. =)

    That girl is a bit weird tho… why offer hosting, if you don’t have a domain and host to begin with? Seems like she just wanted the domain name to make dodo mad or something.. and the nerve of her to post that on dodo’s board? *shakes head* Some people.. grrr…

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