how did my day go?

i’d say my day went very well.. i came to the lab earlier to finish my discrete structure assignment.. then i went eat, mexican food, altho not my favorite, they were pretty decent. then i went to unix lab *still can’t get my password changed* you have any idea how strict those machinese are, it kept telling me my new password is too simple tho i wouldn’t think so at all. i talked to jeff (my boss) later, he said there are unix machines here that check your password with a dictionary. if your password contains any word or pattern, they won’t let you use it. i still think that my password wasn’t any word or partern.. but oh well.. that’s just awesome. they really want you to use a totally random password, then what’s the point of change it? i will just stick with the one they gave me then =P while on the unix machine, i used netscape and surfed a lil and found out i wasn’t able to update my blog due the fact the css wasn’t supported on netscape. btw, i dont think IE made browser compatible to unix?? i was quite pissed by that =P i will have to fix the css tonite.

coming back to work, i was called into another lab for some questions, i came back fully concentrated to finishing up the new posting rule on my board without even realize andy’s already here. he was speaking to adam and later tried hard to do weird things to get my attention hahhaha.. i’m always too concentrated on webpage ;P

One thought on “how did my day go?

  1. hehe.. we have a strict rule for out NT machines too.. must have special chars, numbers, letters, caps and lower case. 🙂 That’s so our staff machines won’t get hacked into… too many people are lazy and just put a blank password… heh We ran everyone’s password thru a pw cracker.. and cracked almost every single one, except for 5..

    I like the new rule. =) makes lots of sense heh.. no more welcoming newbies.. esp since they’ve been here for a month hehe

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