everyone finds a lil brother and sister or obnoxious friend, go blame.. who should i believe? who should i not believe? who’s the judge online? can you be? LOL =)

i really have no clue. i haven’t added ip logs for my blog comments yet.. i will do that tonite.. so for that person who claimed her sister did that entry in my guestbook, i will have to test your ip address again.. for now.. i’ll keep contemplating the possibility.

today’s my easy today. i’m working 6 hours and only have one hour of class. *cries* i didn’t get that webmaster job.. but oh well.. i will just have to put on more hours for my lab monitor job. so i can put up my schedule on regretless.. does regretless need a new look? i’m bored with it myself.. but i really wish to learn some flash this time – which requires TIME eek 😛 I will see what i can do =)

3 thoughts on “=P

  1. I always love your new looks sis! 🙂 Do something unique! hehe.. I dunno what.. but u always amaze me. =)

    I’m sorry you didn’t get the job. =( i don’t understand.. I’d hire u! hehehe

  2. this is what i got from him when i asked why.
    “You did a great interview. There were other strong candidates too, and it was a hard decision for me. The major reason is my budget, which is very tight, and not with you or the interview. If my budget were larger, and I could hire two people, I would have offered you a position.


    Anton Kruger”
    I couldn’t work 20 hours coz i also have a job at lab. so i told him 10 hours a week. but he needs 20 hours so he has to hire two ppl if he wants to use me. i guess that’s what he’s talking about.

  3. OHHH! 😦 aww… i had the same situation a few years ago too… had two jobs at the same time… and they needed someone for more than 10 hours, I had to quit one of them. = Oh well, more time to work on regretless! 🙂

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