school n work


since i didn’t get the webmaster job, i’m thinking of picking up more hours in the lab..tuesday from 9:25 – 11:25 is the only appropriate hours, should i take it or not?? if i take it, that means less time sleep in 🙂 if i dont, means less money! i have to battle with myself for a while.

for those who don’t know, i’ve already quit the web manager job for FACSS coz the one of the ppl on the board is just SO PLAIN RUDE.. i hate her. so i decided not to put up with her. but the president keeps calling me.. so annoying 😦 last nite he called again, andy picked up the phone and asked “who is this”, he either couldn’t speak english or didn’t have his brain with him, he answered “um, ying?” so andy had to raise his deep voice and went “WHO IS CALLING” finally he said his name, i told andy i didn’t want to answer, so andy told him “don’t call back this late, we are trying to sleep”.. ridiculously i got the president’s emails saying how he’s gonna call again tonite at 10:30. what the heck is wrong with him?! how can a person not to pick up hints like this. so i had to reply say “what things so important that you have to call not email” grrr.. i’m so annoyed 😦

daynah is going to SF.. how sweet, she told me she’s gonna take pictures of the golden gate bridge. i can’t wait to see.. have you been there before?

6 thoughts on “hours?

  1. More work, more money. If only you could get more for working less, LOL. Heehee. Why does that president guy keep calling you? does he want you to come back? LOL

    SF… ahhh. Lucky daynah, all I remmeber about SF is how sunny it was and eating some sponge cake thing. But how lucky am I, tomarrow I’m going to a resort in Minnesota, haha. At least it’s supposed to be warm there.

  2. I think you should go ahead and take that job. I mean, you DO get more money, and money is always good. And you can always make up that sleep over the weekend or something… 😉

  3. san francisco is the place to be….i’ve been there twice and it’s just so pretty…my aunts (i have 2 there) who are well-travelled tell me that San Francisco is one of the prettiest city around the world…..ahh i ‘ll move there once i graduate from college

  4. yeah i did end up taking the job.. so it should be cool =) i’ve never been to SF.. i dont know why that president guy has to call.. he’s already got a new guy for the web manager position and i’ve already written to that guy about everything he needs to know to take over.. *shrugs* so i really dont know.. the only thing i can come up with perhaps he wants me to go to the dance party saturday.. which i WONT =P duh.. i’m really annoyed by these ppl now.

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