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long weekend

long weekend (labor day weekend) has just started.. i’m stuck in the lab.. doing my 6 hour long work =P it’s so boring here.. i’d say there have been at most 8 people in the lab using computer… i can only hear machine breath and typing.. that’s all.. it’s so dead! i’m the only one working since the semester has just started and they are short on people grrr… how annoying.. i will have to image some of the computers.. two labs! about 100 of them 😦 i just did two small hacks for b2. now i should go do my discrete structure homework. i also have a retarded cs project but i dont think i will do that til next week.

andy’s at his dad’s watching hawkeye’s first game.. i wont see him until tonite since he has to work nite shift.. *cries*… i gotta find something to do before i die due to boredom =P i won’t.. still thinking of new ideas about a new layout for regretless… probably a professional and SIMPLE design.. i will try to my get search engine set up for my domain =)

One thought on “long weekend

  1. Simple is the best when you are truely focusing more on content… My blog is the simplest thing imaginable, but my main site has a lot more design on it. Hmmm… I know how hard work can be (And how boring!) I work for my dad, and I list items on Ebay all day : What i will do for money! Well I hope you find something to keep ya occupied!

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