love n family


andy came home later saw me crying and reading the entry i was typing he quickly figured out why. he was very upset about that.. he’s seen my mom done this many times before. there is no doubt in his mind that my mom has been mentally and emotionally abusing me for at least the past year. he actually went to the police department after work to find out if there’s any law we can use to stop my mom from doing stuff like this. unfortunately he found out there’s no way to ask my mom leave the house unless my father divorce her.. and we know that unless my father wants to go to court, there’s no way my mom would consent to that… so to have peace the only way is we move out… before dinner last nite my father, andy and i are formulating the best way to do that now.. and we had a good plan by dinner.. we will start slowly tho making sure things turn out the best… sigh…

thank you for everyone’s note.. esp. vera & daynahi’m mostly fine. still have a bit depressed feelings here and there… but i will be strong.

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