trying to be normal

i’m trying to go back to normal. last nite i had such fun sharing my webcam with daynah until andy got home and then we had start our business. we went our tenat to ask her to pay half my dad each month. there’s no doubt that my mom will set off for a huge fight when she finds it out. but then what else can we do? my mom is unreasonable person. she doesn’t reason with you. all she does is fight to get whatever she wants… everyone knows that.

thank god andy and i are going to his mom for dinner tonite. so i wont have to face my mom today during her day off. actually no one wants. my dad was asking us to go out for dinner if my mom’s home today. i woke up this morning a little late.. i hear her slamming doors around. i got out of the house to the bus stop as fast i possibly can.

anyway.. i’m probably gonna call daynah on the phone today.. so excited about that =) wouldn’t that be so very sweet!

One thought on “trying to be normal

  1. The webcam chatting was fun! I’m glad I was able to make you laugh… haha… I even have the goofy pix up… click on sept 26 on my calendar. 🙂

    I’ll talk to you tonite sis… mesg me when you come home from dinner… heh Take care!

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