i can’t believe i will have to go to class soon. i had so much fun hacking board again.. i added the annoucement and changed u2u from popup to just highlighted text. my stomach was making lots of noise earlier.. now i actunally don’t feel hungry any more. but i know i will need to go grr..

i was woken up by andy’s alarm early this morning and i couldn’t fall asleep no matter what so i decided to come to school early and continue to work on cs project since i was so unsuccessful last nite. unfortunate still nothin turned out to my favor this morning. i tried every possible way. i emailed the professor. i suppose i should check my email now. since i spent the rest of my free time hacking the board =P

One thought on “:P

  1. Sis! You ROCK! I love the new hacks! ahh.. i wish I have time to play with my board… i have jury duty tomorrow.. yuck… the bad thing is.. it’s on Al’s bday!! =( wah… oh well.. heh I probably won’t be online tomorrow (stuck at the courthouse for who knows how long) and then i’m taking al to din din. =) I want to embarass him haha… =) Take care sis.. i was worried about u today.. Andy couldn’t find u =P *hugs* It’s late… and i’m rambling on… =) nite!!

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