i woke up by a nitemare.. so i dont want to talk to about it.

getting online always distract my attention.. i’m already in better mood. people to seem to my like new hack a lot =) i’m happy. my oekaki is so crowded now.. arrr.. i never knew there are so many fantastic artists on my board.. wow .. plugging bunnywunny’s lastest drawing and hekele’s.

daynah’s going to be a jury!! go daynah!! i want to hear the case bad since i’m such a detective story addict =) i don’t watch tv, but every tuesday’s discovery “solve the case” is a must for me =)

i also got most of my cs project done.. woohoo! i talked to the professor for half an hour.. so i totally understand the basic structure of the project.. and my dear friend paul always have answers to technicial difficulties hahaha… who knows “null” has to be capitalized for c++???! it’s never the case in java.. =P you can see i’m still a first time c++ programmer… and we already writing templates for a Point3D class we created… jeez =)

pluggin wendi’s new journal site… absolutely beautiful =)

4 thoughts on “hehe

  1. Hi there..came across you page from somewhere…lol….it is cute. I have a question though. Why do you call your name ‘dodo’??

    Have a wonderful day!!


  2. Cuz… doesn’t Dodo sound cute to you? 🙂

    Sis.. i’m back!! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be… hehe.. I’ll tell you all about it later.. 🙂

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