school n work


i finally got my cs project finished yay!! now i can generate 3d objects with my code. they are so cool! =) i will have to get a head start on the generator functions. but i’m stuck with a bunch homework this weekend grr. ><

i hope everyone’s having a better weekend than i will be.. halloween is coming so soon, what’s your plan? andy told me he will make me celebrate halloween this year since i never had any celebration on this holiday even i’ve been to the US for 7 years. hmm.. i wish i can find a pink bunny custome.. but it will be so hard to find a cute one.. they don’t make cute custome for adults now.. why? where do you usu. get your customes?

4 thoughts on “thursday

  1. usually ppl i kno get their costumes from stores lyke in tha mall n otha places. they do have cute bunny costumes in those party stores. i’m not buying a costume–i dont n e more. the last time i wore 1 wuz in elementary skewl.i’m 14, n i usually put on cool gothic make up. thyss year i’m gonna b a goth slut. muhahaha…

  2. hmmmm *scratches head* maybe there’s a costume store by your house…or you can do what i’m doing this year and make youre own. guess what i’m gonna be? an oompa loompa 🙂 hehe, i’m the perfect height…and i’ve always wanted to dye my hair green 🙂 lol. hope you find a cute bunny one!

  3. there’s very a few custome stores.. and andy said he saw one bunny custome but it doesn’t look too good.. i don’t think i have time to make my own ><

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