stupid server

server has been down for so long.. no response to my complaint whatsoever.. i dont know what to do now. it’s just not fair that it is only happening to my server..daynah’s server is fine..

andy’s so sweet today. he realized i forgot my wallet and umbralla this morning. he drove to school to catch me after class. he brought me lunch, wallet and umbralla. i was so surprised and touched.. how caring can a boy be? =) but i left my id in my bag.. so i actually got lunch to eat.. still.. it was more than i ever would expect from him… sigh… it feels so good to be loved.

here’s my first cd’s song list:

  1. Michael Jackson – Remember the Time
  2. Sarah McLachlan – Angel
  3. Dido – Thank you
  4. Modanna – Like A Prayer
  5. Michael Jackson – Beat it
  6. Michael Jackson – Childhood
  7. A Whole New World
  8. Modanna – Take A Bow
  9. Coco Lee – Can’t Get Over
  10. Celine – My Heart Will Go On
  11. Coco Lee – I’ll Be Your Friend
  12. MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This
  13. Coco Lee – A Love Before Time
  14. Michael Jackson – Black and White
  15. Michael Jackson – Heal the World
  16. Michael Jackson – You’re Not Alone

Have you ever seen the movie “Uncle Buck”? It’s an old movie. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it! Go rent it from a library! It’s so hilarious! A very well done movie =) I watched it last night with Andy and it was impressive =)

6 thoughts on “stupid server

  1. heh nice playlist… you should add some Michelle Branch to it. 🙂 She’s amazing! Utada’s First love is good too… um. and the other Coco Lee songs. =)

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