sleepless nite

this is just another one of those sleepless nite where i toss around on the bed thinking about everything but sleep. andy and i had a fun three hour chat with my god sis tonite. we plan to get together again with her and her bf over thanksgiving. how sweet… a year ago… both my god sis and i were in love trauma and now she’s considering engagement too. isn’t life full of drama? =)

last nite i finished a winter snowy layout for pure essence. i plan to put it up right after halloween. it’s simple but touching. i like it.

this week our assignment for creative writing is to turn in a piece of journal entry. boy, isn’t that so hard for me. guess which one i will turn in? after thinking over, i decided to turn in the one i had on andy’s proposal for marriage on our anniversary. that’s the most emotional entry i had recently. and it’s also something i’d like to show world =) so i’m going to dig it out and perhaps edit it a little bit before i turn it in next week.

10 thoughts on “sleepless nite

  1. you are sooo ugly so stop posting your pics.
    no wonder why you have a white nerdy b/f.
    i don’t wanna be mean or anything, i’m just telling the truth.

    PS: let see if you’re gonna delete my message.

  2. what the hell is wrong with you?! haven’t you ever heard of the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it at all”? god! Who are you to judge what others look like? who are you to judge anyone but yourself? You have no right! if you think you are so wonderful and so special to be able to judge others like that, why don’t you show us your face?! hmm??? Get a life!

  3. diana, it’s obvious with the use of your words you’ve not been through high school.. if you are jealous of dodo because she’s more talented than you and that she can get a boyfriend, doesn’t mean you should leave RUDE dumbass comments. Why don’t you leave your website out and let’s see how much flames you’d get, or how ugly you are!

  4. Hi Diana, seriously if you don’t like this site, you shouldn’t visit it. I don’t understand what you mean when you said, “I don’t want to be mean but… ” You just insulted someone and you say you don’t want to be mean? Insulting someone just makes YOU the ugly person. If you can’t say something nice, just don’t say anything at all. And you don’t ever judge someone by how they look, that’s such a shallow thing to do.

  5. Uh…. hon, get a CLUE. YOu ARE being mean. -_- Comments like these are only from the act of jealousy. It’s obvious you do this as your hobby, or you’re just a plain snobby and rude. Oh and P.S. I bet you’re just as ugly as you sound.

  6. Pfft! I’d rather have a “white nerdy boyfriend” (which btw, is only your perception, Diana) who is deeply in love with me, than be a miserable beeotch who goes flames other peoples’ sites. 🙂

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