we actually have three alarms in our room. i hate andy’s big alarm clock. the kind you have to plug in and that is attached to a radio. i stopped him from using that alarm a while back coz it just scares me every time it went off. i have a smaller alarm that i always use. since andy bought his cool watch (which has 5 different alarm settings itself), he always uses his watch.

this morning when i heard the alarm, my mind was probably wondering around in some unknown space, all i tried to do was stopping the alarm from pulling me away from that space. so i turned around and started slapping andy’s big radio alarm and trying whatever i could to turn it off. and so when the alarm finally went off, i felt relieved. but later i thought to myself, that wasn’t right, didn’t andy stop using that alarm a while ago? so what happened? I was slapping the wrong alarm. out of curiosity, i called andy when i got to the lab. andy said he thought i was heading for his watch that was beside the radio alarm clock. he remember he said to me “sorry honey, you have to push a little gray button” which obviously i didn’t hear. and he thought he turned off the alarm himself later since i didn’t seem able to do that.


do you do or say stupid things when you are only half consious?

btw, daynah, you should share Al’s tooth brush story LOL

One thought on “alarm

  1. Al’s toothbrush story? hehe.. okie.. well he got home late one day… started to brush his teeth (he’s one of those people who can walk around and brush without dripping…) and then he went in his room to watch tv. He just suddenly fell asleep on his bed… at 4am.. he woke up and noticed the toothbrush still in his mouth… ewwwww hehhehehe

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