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my day went well :)

so as you guessed, i didn’t get enough sleep when i woke up this morning and my back hurt. i didn’t want to go to class. at first i begged andy to stay home with me. he did =P but then i had this wild idea to have him go to class with me. again he agreed.

by the time we entered computer science lecture, the auditorium was half full. We sat down next to my friend Paul. There I found out Paul got 100 on his first exam. Grrr.. I just don’t understand how can people always get 100 on their tests! I ALWAYS miss a point or two due to STUPID mistakes even I knew everything. >< I only got 97. Lecture probably bored andy quite bit since we were talking about recursion. I peeked at him from time to time. Fortunately he didn't fall asleep. Actually he attempted to voltunteer for an experiment in the class.

The most fun part of the day was when I had an appointment with my creative writing teacher an hour ago. I couldn’t believe how much I told him about myself. Even though we focused mainly on my writings, it was fun telling him about my family life. He just finished a novel based on his childhood and trying to get it published. I always believed writing is an incredibly hard career to go with. With a degree from law school, he still decided to pursue his pure passion. That’s so admirable!

When I came home after the appointment, my father had a total surprise waiting for me. He brought a drilled duck from a local Chinese store. I thought we can only obtain those kind ducks in big city like Chicago. Hehe it tasted so good. Hmm.. andy would LOVE it when he gets back. I just can’t wait to see andy’s expression when he sees the duck! YUM!

One thought on “my day went well :)

  1. hehe… sis, I use to go to Al’s classes too… it was kinda fun, because I saw old faces… that I don’t see everyday cuz I worked. And when Al goes to my classes.. he always ends up sleeping! hahaha

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