6 thoughts on “so much fun

  1. AWw, you guys look so cute! Hee hee! I love the hats! lol. So cute! And you look so pretty dodo! Oo, looks like so much fun! *sniffle* I didn’ t have a costume. T__T

  2. Oh gosh Dodo, the layout is so pretty. I absolutely love the picture in the title graphic. You look beautiful! I started laughing hysterically when I saw the witch costume though! You look absolutely adorable! *hugs* We dressed my dog up as a ghost, it was quite a riot! (Someone all of my pictures always come out bad O.o) I’ll chat laters. Love ya!

  3. I forgot to say how muchy I love this new layout. I’m trying to make a wintery layout too. Beautiful design as usual. 🙂

    You guys all look great in Halloween attire especially Rascal. That dog is absolutely adorable.

    Hope to talk to you soon! xoxo 🙂

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