i have a test for discrete structure next monday.. i should probably go study. chatroom on my board. last nite when i installed there were about 8 of us in there. ppl still having trouble catch up with each other tho =P

i need to work on my webcam page layout.. it’s most boring webcam you’d see… oh well, that wont be til tonite.. ideas for a layout?!

i’ll go jogging tonite =) hmm another 30 minutes.

5 thoughts on “yawn

  1. yea dodo i just went 2 ur board 2day n itz really cool! i luv it. but 1 thing..just now in tha chat u asked “why isn’t anyone talking?”..well i wuz in there talkin up a storm, n trying 2 send all these messages but they didn’t go through thaz y i couldn’t talk ;(.. lol but lyke i’m alwayz tha most talkative .. so thaz y not a lot of ppl were gettin threw-coz of their connections. but like i think it def. has 2 do with internet connections coz mine is pretty slow so thaz y i think i couldnt get through, but i’m getting cable n e day now so now i think i’ll b able 2 chat more, ya know. but i definitly like it wen ur in tha room coz i never get 2 talk 2 ya.. so hopefully wen i get a faster connection i can chat wit u or sumthing! i cant wait till my site comes out so u n every1 else can c my fab artwork! lol..don’t u just LUV creating??! ok well i’ll try gettin through in tha chat again–i wuz so surprized wen i saw u in tha chat coz u r such a busy woman.. ur a busy student wit all this work 2 do, u hav all these interactive web sites 2 constantly maintain and update, yet u still take time to chat wit ppl even tho u have even a personal life of spending time relaxing and chyllin wit ur boyfriend (or teddy bear!).. u r just a super woman! haha. well there i go again–writing WAY 2 much–byeZzZzzZzZz!
    ❤ dana

  2. dana you are so funny! you are a super woman too! you run 3 miles in 20 minutes. that’s awesome. i think i only did that in 30 minutes. i will do it again tonite tho.

  3. Snowflake layout sis!!! 🙂 To make your personal site… hehe.. I LOVE THE CHATROOM!! The hack is wonderful… now I know exactly who is in there! hehe.. Thank you sis! 🙂

    Dana.. I like your name… heheheheh

  4. This is such a soft and pretty layout; adorable, yet comforting. 🙂 LoL, so I’m not the only one who goes jogging? >D Heh, I went jogging this morning. I think I run about 1 and half miles to 2 miles on days that I have time (i.e. weekends and holidays). I’m going to go swimming in a moment … LoL, I’m so active. ^_^

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