love n family


i just found out andy’s moving us OUT TODAY! i didn’t know a thing about it until he called me minutes ago. my mom yelled at him last nite.. but i didn’t know it offended him so bad that he wanted to move out so quickly. i always yearned to move out but not this quick. oh my god. he said he can probably get all stuff moved out in one trip. his dad’s helping with his truck. it just blew my mind. i still having trouble believing this. we are gonna settle down at andy’s mom’s apartment first before we find out where we will live permanately.

6 thoughts on “OMG!!!!!!!

  1. Your mom is yelling at him?! Now that’s silly cuz he’s not her child. = I’m glad you’re moving out now sis… it’s about time. I want you to live in a better environment. *hugs* Good luck, and have fun moving.. eek.. lots of packing.. heh I never really liked that part.. unpacking is fun tho. 🙂

  2. wow, o_O! Just like that?! That’s so sudden. @_@! You mom yelled at Andy? Whoa. o.O Well, if my mom ever yelled at my bf, I’m sure he’d do the same. @_@ My mom is crazy. I really hope you’ll be ok at your new place! I’m sure you will~! ^.^/! *hugs you* I’m wishing you two lots of luck!

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