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new environment

definitely new environment for us but it’s working out great. i feel bad troubling andy’s mom. but right now it’s the best choice. we kinda stuffed her apartments at least her bedroom =P andy told her we only gonna have three boxes. what a liar! we have over ten! we kept most of the stuff in packed form so it will be easier for us to move again. plus i dont think we can fit them in that apartment if we unpack them all. andy’s trying to get the phone activated in the apartment. i will not have internet access at home until then. the apartment is on bus route. i can still ride the bus to school and to work. that’s really a great part. i checked the bus schedule, it’s actually better than my old bus schedule, andy probably wont have to give me a ride every monday, wednesday and friday any more 🙂

when andy drove me to school this morning, the downtown was entire blocked. we were confused until i found out the old capitol building was on fire this morning. look! i was mad coz the local government took so many tax payers money to remodel the old capitol now it’s on fire. so they had to take even more money from the citizens. that’s just not fair. i suppose some of the money came from the tutition hike. UI is rasing tuition for next semester for 18.5%!! is that crazy or what?

after school and work today, i will go to our new place and clean. i can’t wait HAHA… i always love cleaning. now i have the entire thanksigiving break to clean yay! oh i do still have a project for cs tho 😛

One thought on “new environment

  1. Oh my… that fire doesn’t look good. =
    I’m glad things are getting better for you sis! 🙂 haha.. I love cleaning too.. but what bugs me is when I finish cleaning, and Al comes in, and throws all his stuff around again… grr.. heh

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