love n family

bye thanksgiving

thanksgiving is over.. we are back to reality again. sigh.. last week was really an evenful week for andy and me. moved out monday, cleaning tuesday, going out to nicoles for dinner thursday, working friday, eating at his mom’s saturday, hosting our own dinner sunday. we went a week without internet or tv. and we survived.

i took the 9:49 bus to school this morning. It didn’t arrive downtown until 10:15. I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was going to arrive at 10. at least i wasn’t late for class. that part was okay. i now have to catch up with my school work. i didn’t start my cs project yet and i have stuff for creative writing & discrete structure to finish. more importantly i have to start to look for new apartments. in case andy’s bro’s gf didn’t get the job, we will still have to find another place to reside. arr… everything is crammed together and the end of the school year and holiday are coming too… =P so i probably won’t be very productivity online. i still couldn’t find the chance to put up the new layout for dnw. working on it tho!

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