thursday we went to andy’s step mom lori’s relative place for a feast. the turkey was delicious. last nite andy surprised me with martha, jason(from cornell college in ny), and issac. we went and watched Harry Potter and then played pictionary. i loved the pictionary part. arr… it was so fun =) Harry Potter – i didn’t like that movie. i try not to speak too much to hurt others feelings. it was just a little too childish for me =P

i just came back from eating dinner at andy’s mom’s. yumm yumm. tomorrow we will have more turkey. we will host a dinner on our own. i will see how andy’s turkey gonna turn out.

5 thoughts on “thanksgiving

  1. hehe… yup.. lots of emails.. I was wondering when you were gonna answer them. =P heh I think you would have enjoyed the movie more if you read the book… the book is much better than the movie… hehe

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