two years of hosting, now you look at catherine‘s page, that’s all i got. i don’t really care that she said that. except all my other hostees thanked me for hosting them while they go on to another host or their own domain. they treated me as a friend and respected me as a person. sad, isn’t it? i really didn’t know much about her. i first met her thru kimi. (jee how long ago was that!) she owned a cute ring much like kimi’s. and i only wanted host her ring. did she ask for permission to bring all her other sites on my domain? not i can think of. i don’t usu. nag my hostees unless i have real problems. it turned out her cam pages are eating a lot of bandwidth these days. esp. the direct linking of her cam. it’s everywhere. tell you the truth, i dont like that. but i kept quiet. she only talks to me when something doesn’t work for her on the server. that’s a pretty pathetic host hostee relationship i’d say. so i suppose i learn from that. will never host someone i’m not close with any more.
i left a message on her guestbook today. that’s the last time i will contact her. say bye bye!

14 thoughts on “hostee

  1. Ohh, that wasn’t very nice of her. I saw that she signed another domain’s guestbook asking to be hosted because you kicked her out of your domain, I thought that was a little rude. Well, at least you learned that you should host people that you’re actually close to from this 🙂

  2. What she did was wrong and you shouldn’t be the one affected by it. Sure, she’s got talent in webdesigning, but she didn’t have to take advantage of what she had. I hope everything will be alright, Dodo.

  3. Personally, I think her website is lovely… lots of content… BUT so much content that she should have her own domain. I don’t know about you, but it really looks like she’s taking advantage of her host…. not to mention, I don’t think there was ever a thank you, exchanged between, ‘oh.. i dunno.. forever.’ I thought the use of music files and large photos was a bit too much to be on a site that’s hosted. Look at all the other hostees. They all have ONE site, a blog, a ring, etc. Bandwidth costs money. I’d be thankful if someone hosted me and paid for my web existence. And if my host decides there needs to be a change, and that I must leave, I’d thank her/him for all the years she/he hosted me. That’s just my two cents.

  4. Wow.. that was really mean of her to say that… I mean, you’ve been hosting her for like 2 years, and she has no graditude for it. = I mean, I’m grateful that you’re even hosting my dinky lil blog! ^^; She should at least appreciate you hosting her HUGE site. Her site is like a domain. @_@ She really is better off with her own domain. Don’t worry about her. If she went off and said something like that, then she’s not worth it. Honestly.

  5. wow…ive never been to this site before, and i read the first entry, and it helps me immensely. haha. i was going to host her, in fact i just made the subdomain about 5 minutes ago, but now im going to delete it. thank you dodo.

  6. wow, what a selfish girl. taking up so much of your space for so long… space that YOU payed for… and all she can do is leave bad messages about you in other guestbooks? i hope nobody hosts her sorry butt. she should buy her own domain if she wants to go on being her selfish little self. glad you go rid of her, this domain is too good for all that negativity. 🙂

  7. Wow. It’s one thing that she’s being utterly rude to somone who kindly hosted her very large site for two years. It’s another thing to post on peoples guestbooks looking for a new host! Yikes. Dodo, you don’t deserve that. = Some people.

  8. Yo dodo! I think that was pretty rude of that girl. I mean, you wanted to host her web ring not her whole site right? I think the way she treated you was pretty low. And it’s extreamly low to go and post on someones guestbook for hosting. You deserve better for all your hard work ^_~!

  9. I tried to visit the site but I got a 404.. I guess you deleted her site already. Anyway, it sounds like she deserved to be kicked out of regretless. I mean, my god, you were offering her a good, paid for host, for free, and she doesn’t even have the decency to appreciate it. Like Bobbi said; some people!

  10. maybe you should get to know the person first before you bitch them out.. i never said i was ungrateful..and no i wanted to be deleted after all these flames in my gb

  11. this is my first time visiting, and i just have to say sorry that people like that exist. catherine, you say you never said you were ungrateful, but actions speak louder than words. I don’t think your host would ‘kick you out’ for no good reason, esp. after hosting you for two years.

  12. I love rock’n’roll so PUT ANOTHER DIME IN THE JUKEBOX BABY! I don’t blame that girl for being mad! HOSTING HER 2 FREAKIN’ YEARS and then kickin’ her out.! Think before you host sites it makes people mad looking for another host! also please change the skittle color layout! IT SUX!

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