>< i fainted at school

i got up at 8 this morning. andy gave me a ride to school. i was heading for the 9:45 final for eastern asian art. when we went outside his car was all frosty. i got an empty cd case and started scraping the windows, all the sudden i felt very dizzy. i sat back in the car, i felt a little bit better. i arrived at the imu building around 9 and was ready to buy something for my breakfast. i knew i didn’t feel well so i wrote an email to see if any of my co-workers would like to take my shift for me. then i stood up and walked to the Union Pantry. all i wanted that time was some cold apple juice, unfortunately my head got so dizzy when i was taking my money from my wallet, i was having trouble breathing. then my head went black for a second, i fell on the ground and i threw up. it went really fast. i heard lots noise. lots people came and helped. i was very touched. a professor stayed with me the longest. she was so concerned about me altho it was the first time i ever met her. she took me to the bathroom, and she bought me a bottle of apple juice. then some other ppl called my art professor telling him i probably won’t be able to make it to the test. after i filled out an incident report, i found the professor who stayed with me was Alice Fulton. (Later i got an email from her asking me if I felt better.) She walked me upstair and let me sit in a couch and asked me if i wanted her to stay. i felt really bad wasting her so much time so i told her i was okay.
i stayed on the couch for an hour, i planned to take the test afterwards. so i walked to the art building and talked to my professor. he told me i could take a make up test any time i want. i really shouldn’t do it when i’m not feeling well.
by that time, i found out someone decided to take my shift at work, i could basically go home and rest. so i did. i freaked andy out when i called him and told him what happened tho.
nevertheless, i had a good rest. i watched “Big Daddy” when i got up. we had dinner and took a walk outside. i went to my old high school. it was fun showing andy around there. he went to a different high school in the city. but there were high school football games at my school which he went to. too bad i never met him earlier =P
tomorrow i will be at a review section for my computer science final. after that, i will go take my art make up test. now it’s time for sleep again =) yawn…..

9 thoughts on “>< i fainted at school

  1. Yikes, that sounds horrible. It’s so wonderful that so many people offered to help you though. =) That’s very kind of them. I’m glad you’re feeling better. *hugs*

  2. Woah, I would have been freaking out, had that happened to me. It sounded like you stayed calm throughout everything. I’m sprry you felt sick. That was nice for everyone to help you though. 🙂

  3. i never said i was ungrateful of your hosting… and it was true that u did kick me out..i didnt say anything about ur domain ever dont need to be so mean about it either.. if you had a problem with me using so much shoulda told me and i woulda taken them down immediately..but u said nothing…and no i am not a being bashed around on your site and in my guestbook when i just wrote a simple thing like “you dont want to host anymore” doesnt matter..i still thank you for all this time you have hosted..but getting people to write in my gb saying im an ungrateful b***CH..that wasnt really nice of you either. it wasnt like i could change the already closed ftp access. I never realy got to know you cus you are always busy with school and work..and i was never around in the summers. I am not trying to get you to host me back..just explaining a few things. I never said anything bad about your site..and the host that i was gonna be hosted at dont wanna host anymore cus of what you said.. i never realy meant that i was ungrateful.. you didnt know me you shouldnt assume.

  4. That happened to me before, I fell on my mom and we both fell to the floor except it was extremely hot outsideand I was at my neices soccer game. All I saw was black and lots of people rushed to help me. You’re right it happened very fast and I started feeling a bit woozy/dizzy before it happened. A lady gave me a bottle of water. I really appreciated the faces I weren’t familiar with that helped me out.

  5. When I was in high school I was at 2 period and what happened was I got out of my seat to ask the teacher something when I was walking there I fainted and hit my head on the desk hard and I was out for like 1 min. And they called the ambulance and I was at the hospital and I told them I hit my head hard and they took stays on my head and found bleeding and bruising.but I was fine after that

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