school n work


finals are gone!!!! no one’s at the lab today so we are closing an hour early. i’m done for today and ready to go home =) i will be putting up a new layout for new millennium. i believe i aced the discrete structure test. i didn’t do too bad on the cs test. there is a little confusion in one of the problems. the rest are pretty straight forward. hopefully i will get As in both of the classes. i asked andy if he’d like to go joggin tonite. we didn’t keep up with that due to my sickness and final week. so it’s the best time to do it now =)
i got christmas cards from daynah and ladyceres. thanks you guys!!
what’s up with yahoo mails? I’ve getting bulk mails delivered to my INBOX like 5 per minute or something. every time i check my mail, there are about 80% junk mails. i’m so irritated. hate digging thru those stupid ads!!!

6 thoughts on “YESSS!!!

  1. yay! happy for you that your finals are over! =) hehehe

    ai! i hate all those junk mail too! i get so much in my hotmail gRrRr

    but.. eEe! i just looked at your cam! you look so cute! yet… cluless at the same time. Lol!

    when is that camscript gonna come out eh? hehe

    but i wish you a very merry christmas 🙂

  2. hi dodo!
    i’ve come to wish you a very merry christmas (i’m going away on christmas) and much love from me to you *hugs*

    btw: the new millenium layout is superb! i love it soo much!! you’re so smart 😉

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